The steps in choice of the right hospital

The choice of the best hospital in India is not a straight forward task. With numerous options presented one is literally spoiled in terms of choices. You could rely on local ratings in your area. It would help you to figure out and identify any potential problems that could spring up before you visit a hospital in your area. The prime indicators for the choice of hospitals are

  • Patient experience – based on ratings available a patient is going to provide you with an overall assessment of the hospital. Would they recommend you to be part of it and their overall outcomes in terms of treatment along with communication with the doctors and nurses


Be aware of what an insurance policy covers

When you are about to avail a surgery the first objective on your mind needs to be quality health care. In this regard you would need to understand what your insurance policy covers and what not. This is going to help you avoid some unwanted expenses when the final hospital bill arrives. It has to be said that some such expenses are unavoidable, but you can exercise a degree of control on them. You can discuss with your insurance company

  • Check out the insurance policies which are covered by an insurance plan. Even if the hospital is not covered in the insurance plan, chances are that the doctor could be part of a coverage policy
  • You would need to figure out the difference between network and non-network costs
  • Whether there is any form of pre authorization that is needed or not.

If it is possible you can ask your insurance provider to ensure that all information is provided in documented form. If the situation permits do take a note of all the conversation you and this should include the day along with time and the contact number with the person whom you spoke to. Do save all the communications yourself and this could be put to use if there is any dispute with the insurance provider later.

The doctor involved

The choice of your hospital could be influenced by the fact on where the surgeon or doctor has special privileges. For sure you would want a good doctor who is responsive to your needs.

  • If you ask your general doctor to recommend you to a surgeon and if possible this list should include the doctors that are approved by the insurance company. In case of complicated problems you could ask your doctor for an expert
  • If there is no solid recommendation you could get in touch with the prospective surgeons. You could start the process by checking out the data from various national resources. Doctors who are trained at university centres are bound to have greater experience than someone who is working in a small hospital.
  • You can discuss with the prospective surgeon about the list of surgeries he has conducted and the success ratio in this regard. This would help you choose the best among the lot.